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‘It’s not just about hunting’ – Cedar River Archery Club to hold annual youth day to get families outdoors

LANSING — For the fourth year, members of the Cedar River Archery Club will be holding a special shoot intended to introduce kids and families to the sport of archery.

From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, the club, located just outside of Lansing at 54691 270th Street, will hold its annual youth day to get families outdoors.

“Get people involved into archery and open their eyes to the sport,” said club member Tim Hansen. “It’s not just about hunting.”

Youth are encouraged to bring their own bows, but if they are looking into the sport for the first time, there will be bows on hands for kids to use.

There will be games and a drawing as well as a photo contest, where those visiting can submit pictures from the day to the club’s Facebook site (www.facebook.com/CedarRiverArcheryClub/).

There’s even going to be a new game this year, which uses two jugs or bags filled with water. Competitors shoot at targets with bows not equipped with sites. The first to lower their jug or bag to the ground wins.

Despite all these things designed for a fun day, in the end it comes down to just exposing kids to the outdoors and hunting.

“That’s how I joined,” said club member Eric Potter. “I came out here four years ago, brought my daughter out here and have been a member ever since.”

Fellow member Troy Goodwater said the days average between 150 and 200 kids each year. Among those are a mix of shooters who have come to enjoy the day.

“We’ve had return customers, but I see a lot of new faces,” Goodwater said. “But what I really get out of this is getting families outdoors.”

The event does nothing more than expose kids and families to the sport. There will be no wild animal hunting. This event is simply to show the child what is expected in the sport and see if maybe the interest is there.

The event is free and water, hotdogs and chips will be available. For those on the fence who are still not sure, Hansen has one last bit of advice.

“Make some family memories,” he said.

For more information about the club itself, which is the second oldest archery club in the state of Minnesota, visit: http://www.cedarriverarcheryclub.com/.