Searching for a positive: APAC hosts summer-long scavenger hunt

Published 6:53 am Tuesday, June 18, 2019

When searching for a positive message, Austin Positive Action Coalition decided to make that search literal.

Throughout this summer, community youth are invited to search for APAC’s positive message posters at different locations throughout the city. All one has to do is to find a poster and take a selfie with the poster in the background. Once taken, the photo must be posted on social media with the hashtag “truthisaustin” in order to be able to win weekly prizes, said Daniell Nesvold, APAC communications coordinator.

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“We are hoping that they will enjoy taking selfies with friends and winning some fun stuff,” Nesvold said. “This is just part of the work we are doing. We wanted to keep the momentum going through the summer for them.”

An example of what APAC posters for this summer’s scavenger hunt look like. These posters will be around Austin throughout the summer at different locations. Participants can take a selfie with it and post on social media with the hashtag “truthisAustin” in order to win some prizes. Photo provided

Several prizes that are being given away include an APAC Camelback water bottle, beach towels and other items. Toward the end of the campaign, the grand prize for all the entries (combined over the summer) will include a pair of Air-pods.

The overall goal for the upcoming scavenger hunt is to get youth out into the community and participating in fun events that promote safe, responsible choices. However, it’s often that the youth involved with APAC demonstrate leadership on their own initiative.

“(Students) have a lot of pride in their community and school,” Nesvold said. “When we meet with our STAND members and students, they are proactive in being involved with APAC. We simply listen to their voice and give them the support to act on what they want to see happening in the community. The roles are reversed, so to speak.”

Throughout the summer, the posters will be moved around to different locations as well as pop up at events being held in Austin. Recently, STAND members have been presenting to the YMCA and Austin School Board to express their concerns and hopes about the community.

“The truth is that most students are not drinking and they are inventive, creative and adventurous in utilizing our community for hanging out with their friends,” Nesvold added. “This demonstrates their pride and wanting to make Austin a great place to live. We (the coalition) see this as a positive sign that our younger community members are invested in Austin.”