Hormel Institute scientists share ovarian cancer research with national foundation

Published 8:39 am Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Dr. Ilana Chefetz, Assistant Professor and head of the Cancer Stem Cells and Necroptosis cancer research lab at The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota was one of the experts from around the country invited to present at a private ovarian cancer foundation event in Seattle.

The “Science For Dinner” event took place in Mercer Island, Washington in support of ovarian cancer research at a private home with 40 of the Rivkin Center’s largest donors.

Every year, the foundation funds promising research in ovarian cancer, selecting researchers and studies through a highly competitive process. Each application is individually reviewed by a panel of nationally recognized experts for its scientific merit, novelty, and potential to affect the prevention, detection, treatment, and understanding of the disease.  Dr. Chefetz is a grant recipient.

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“It is meaningful to spend time with those who invest in ovarian cancer research and care so much about furthering discoveries so women can lead longer, healthier lives,” said Dr. Chefetz, who joined The Hormel Institute University of Minnesota in 2017.

Her lab’s research is focused on ovarian cancer and Dr. Chefetz has been published in top cancer journals.