Down memory lame

Published 6:47 am Saturday, June 15, 2019

By Peggy Keener

Full Circle

When I was a student, I really dreaded taking exams.  I would shudder and grow weak as their impending day drew near and my fondest wish was for the time when I would no longer have to deal with such attacks on my contentedness. So, why am I sending you this?  Is there a schadenfreude streak in me that all these many years later I still harbor?

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No! This will be fun and there’s no red pencil here marking your answers—or guesses as the case may be. So just how crisp is your memory, anyway?  Or conversely do the answers, like Gorilla Glue, peskily stick to the tip of your tongue and then — if you’re lucky — suddenly eject with a triumphant shout, saving you once again from the dreaded brain blahs?

Is your recall game or is it lame? Here we go.

1. After the Lone Ranger saved the day and rode off into the sunset, the grateful citizens often asked, “Who was that masked man?  Invariably someone would answer, “Not sure, but he left this ____________ behind.  What was it?

2. The first time the Beatles came to America in 1964, on what TV show did they appear?  The ____  ________ Show.

3. Get your kicks ___  ________  ____.

4. The story you are about to see is true.  The names have been changed to ____________  ___________.

5. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, _____  ______  _________  __________.

6. After the Twist, the Mashed Potato and the Watusi, we danced under a stick.  It was called ______  __________.

7. Nestle’s makes the very best ____________.

8. Satchmo, a great jazz trumpet player, was America’s Ambassador of Goodwill.  His real name was _______  __________.

9. What takes a licking and keeps on ticking?  __________

10. Red Skelton’s hobo character was named _______________ and Red always ended his TV show by saying, “Goodnight, and _____   _______________.

11. Some Americans who protested the Vietnam War did so by burning their _______.

12. The cute little car with the engine in the back and the trunk in the front was called the VW.  What other names did it go by?  __________  or ________.

13. In 1971, singer Don MacLean sang a song about the “day the music died.”  This was a tribute to ________  _________.

14. Remember the first satellite the Russians put into orbit?  It was called _________.

15. One of the most popular fads of the 50s and 60s was a large plastic ring that we twirled around our waists.  It was called _____  _______-______.

16. What does LSMFT stand for?  _______  _______ _______  ______  _________.

17. Hey, Kids!  What time is it?  It’s ________  _________  ______.

18. Who knows what secrets lie in the hearts of men?  The __________ knows.

19. There was a song that came out in the 60s that was a graveyard smash.  The name was the ________  _______.

20. The Alka Seltzer logo was a boy with a tablet on his head.  What was the boy’s name? ________.

21. What do the initials L.B.J. stand for?  ____________  ___________  ___________.

22. Who was the owner and manager of a lumber yard in Rushville Center, a popular radio program in the 30s and 40s?  ______  __________.

23. What does G.I. Mean?  ___________  ____________.

24. What singer made “God Bless America” so popular that it was almost designated  our national anthem?   ________  ___________.

25. Who were the members of the Rat Pack?  Frank _________,  Sammy  _______  ____, Joey _________, Dean _________ and Peter ___________.

26. Muhammed Ali used to say, “Float like a __________,  sting like a _______.


  1. A silver bullet    
  2. The Ed Sullivan Show   
  3. Route 66    
  4. To protect the innocent
  5. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”
  6.  The limbo   
  7. Chocolate    
  8. Louis Armstrong
  9. The Timex watch   
  10. Freddy the Freeloader and Good Night and God Bless   
  11. Draft cards (and also bras)   
  12. Beetle or Bug   
  13. Buddy Holly   
  14. Sputnik
  15. Hoola-Hoop   
  16. Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco   
  17. Howdy Doody Time   
  18. The Shadow   
  19. Monster Mash    
  20. Speedy   
  21. Lyndon Baines Johnson   
  22. Ma Perkins   
  23. Government issue   
  24. Kate Smith    
  25. Sinatra, Davis, Jr., Bishop, Martin, Lawford    
  26. Butterfly, bee.

Your Score

• All correct — liar, liar pants on fire.

• Half correct — when hell freezes over.

• Five correct — who are you kidding?

• Two correct — that’s more like it.

• None correct — you were born last year.