Woman charged with assaulting boyfriend

Published 8:34 am Friday, May 17, 2019


Miesha Courtney Neely, 34, of Austin was charged with felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, felony terroristic threats and gross misdemeanor domestic assault on Thursday in Mower County District Court.

According to the court complaint, officers were dispatched at about 1:16 a.m. on Wednesday to the area of West Oakland Avenue and Interstate 90 after a man, C.B., called police to report that his girlfriend, Neely, had cut him with a knife and he had fled the residence. Officers met with C.B., who was not wearing a shirt and had a cut on the left side of his nose, an injury on his lower lip and dried blood on his arms and chest.

C.B. reported he and Neely had moved from California to be closer to Neely’s children and were residing at a mobile home in the 3700 block of First Avenue Southwest.

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He said they started arguing because she saw him texting another woman in California and threatened to kill him if he wasn’t out of the residence by morning. He alleged that she grabbed a big kitchen knife and he retreated to the bathroom, but she forced her way in and cut him on his nose. He then accused her of punching him in the face as he neared the front door, after which he fled the residence with her cell phone and called the police.

C.B. said the injury on his lip was from the previous day when Neely bit him while they were arguing. An officer transported him back to the residence to get his personal property, they transported him to the hospital to have his lip examined.

An officer spoke to Neely, who was putting luggage outside the door of the residence. She said they argued about C.B. talking to another woman and alleged that C.B. started “holding” her as the argument escalated. She also said C.B. slammed her into an entertainment center or table, breaking it. She admitted to grabbing the knife from the kitchen, but said C.B. grabbed a chair, after which the fight stopped and C.B. called his mother in California. The fighting then resumed and she indicated that she cut C.B. on the nose. She then threatened to call the police and C.B. left the residence.

When asked why she didn’t call the police, Neely said she “didn’t want to cause a scene.”  She was then placed under arrest.

An officer searched the residence for a pair of shoes for Neely and found a pair of pink running shoes with a blood splatter on the heel. The officer also located a knife on the bathroom countertop and blood on the floor.

A review of Neely’s criminal record shows a prior conviction for assault with a deadly weapon (not a firearm) in California, as well as convictions in Minnesota for receiving stolen property and giving a peace officer a false name.

Neely will appear in court again on May 30.