Letter: Thank you Mower County and the United Way

Published 8:24 am Wednesday, May 1, 2019

On behalf of the consumers, staff, and management of Cedar Valley Services, I would like to thank the people of Mower County for their generous donations to the United Way, and I would like to thank the Mower County United Way for their support of our programs.  The people we assist in our Community/Supported Employment Programs and Competitive Placement Program are better served with the financial support from our United Way grants.  These individuals often face difficulties working in our community, but with support from our staff they are able to experience success and realize the contributions they make to our society through meaningful employment.

Cedar Valley Services and the other organizations supported by the United Way know just how important it is to receive the funding we are given.  We would like all of you that donate to the United Way to know that your donations are greatly appreciated and valued.  Thank you!!!

Karen Baier

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Program Director

Cedar Valley Services, Inc