Letter: Bud Higgin’s enthusiasm will be missed

Published 8:36 am Wednesday, May 29, 2019

One day I decided to stop at Higgins Bookstore on Main Street in Austin. At his desk was Bud Higgins, reading a book.

I asked him whether he had any Nancy Drew books. Bud said, “I have a few Nancy Drew books.” From that day on I was a constant visitor at the store.

I told Bud that I had a cat named “Max.” My first cat book from Bud was titled “Dewey,” by Vicki Myron. It is a true story about a cat who lived in a small library in Spencer, Iowa. Every week Bud had cat books for me. Every time I would enter the store, Bud was always reading a book.

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In the following years Bud Supplied me with cat pictures, cat pillows, cat books and cat postcards. He also had numerous magazines, records, comic books and Austinians. Bud had a wealth of information in his bookstore. Bud was full of knowledge, which aroused my curiosity to read. I will miss Bud for his enthusiasm and kindness toward me.

Carol Evenson

Austin, MN