Governor Walz issues Executive Order providing regulatory relief for MN farmers

Published 4:35 pm Monday, May 13, 2019

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz on Friday, signed Emergency Executive Order 19-32 granting a temporary exemption from the hours of service requirements in state law for drivers of commercial vehicles delivering anhydrous ammonia or other fertilizers to Minnesota farmers.

Minnesota faced extreme cold weather and significant snowfall this winter, leading to flooding and a wet spring. These weather events have delayed and shortened spring planting season, causing farmers in multiple states to begin field work at the same time and increasing the demand for anhydrous ammonia and other fertilizers. The supply shortage of fertilizer, as well as delivery delays due to infrastructure damage caused by flooding, are further delaying the planting of crops.

Waiving the hours of service requirements ensures that carriers and drivers can deliver anhydrous ammonia and other fertilizer products to the farmers of Minnesota that need these products to ensure a successful planting season.

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The Emergency Executive Order went into effect May 10 and remains in effect for 30 days or until direct assistance ends, whichever occurs first. All other safety requirements pertaining to drivers and vehicles still apply.