GMLOKS sweeps home track meet

Published 8:03 pm Friday, May 3, 2019

The GMLOKS boys and girls took first at their home track and field meet in Grand Meadow Thursday.

The GMLOKS girls won all four relays in the meet.


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1. GMLOKS 157; 2. BP 80; 3. Rochester Area Christian 59.5; 4. Schaeffer Academy 19; 5. Lyle-Pacelli 2.5

110-meter hurdles: Xavier Rennie (BP) (first, 18.67); Trent Hunergholt (GMLOKS) (second, 19.99); George Byrd (GMLOKS) (third, 21.38)

100-meter dash: Mitchell Fiebiger (BP) (first, 12.31); Lucas Howard (GMLOKS) (second, 12.43)

4 x 200-meter relay: Mitchell Fiebiger, Sam Smith, James Wohlferd, Gabe Hagen (BP) (first, 1:38.68)

1600-meter run: Matt Scaglione (GMLOKS) (second, 5:27.84); Ethan Gilbert (GMLOKS) (third, 5:31.68)

400-meter James Howard (GMLOKS) (first, 53.88); Christian Hjelman (GMLOKS) (second, 55.93); Jacob Kerrins (GMLOKS) (third, 56.97)

300-meter hurdles: Xavier Rennie (BP) (second, 47.51)

800-meter run: Isaac Ille (BP) (first, 2:13.17); Lucas Howard (BP) (second, 2:17.79)

200-meter dash: Luke Speer (GMLOKS) (first, 24.94); Blake Ludemann (GMLOKS) (second, 25.52)

4 x 400-meter relay: Blake Ludemann, Jacob Kerrins, Lucas Howard, James Howard (GMLOKS) (first, 3:41.61)

High jump: James Howard (GMLOKS) (first, 5-6)

Pole vault: Mitchell Fiebiger (BP) (first, 9-6)

Long jump: Zachary Hauser (GMLOKS) (first, 18-4)

Triple jump: Xaier Rennie (BP) (first, 35-8)

Discus: Noah Watson (GMLOKS) (first, 122-5)

Shot put: Gabe Hagen (BP) (first, 44-6.60)


1. GMLOKS 185; 2. BP 76; 3. RAC 49; 4. LP 33.5; 5. SA 7.5

4 x 800-meter relay: Sydney Alstat, Shelby Beck, Maddy Bhend, Kendyl Queensland (GMLOKS) (first, 10:49.21)

100-meter hurdles: Hailey Hindt (GMLOKS) (first, 16.48); Madison Hindt (GMLOKS) (second, 17.53); Rachael Oswald (BP) (third, 18.62)

100-meter dash: Lauren Buchholtz (GMLOKS) (first, 13.31); Rachel Nelsen (LP) (second, 13.87)

4 x 200-meter relay: Anika Reiland, Lauren Buchholtz, Hailey Hindt, Riley Queensland (GMLOKS) (first, 1:49.32)

1600-meter run: Rory Bickler (LP) (first, 5:55.04); Aubrie Schneider (GMLOKS) (third, 6:20.50)

4 X 100-meter relay: Anika Reiland, Isabelle Olson, Kassidy Kirtz, Lauren Buchholtz (GMLOKS) (first, 51.68)

400-meter dash: Anna Oehlke (GMLOKS) (third, 1:09.76)

300-meter hurdles: Hailey Hindt (GMLOKS) (first, 49.02); Rachael Oswald (BP) (second, 53.78); Megan Oswald (BP) (third, 58.71)

800-meter run: Shelby Beck (GMLOKS) (first, 2:39.82); Anna Kittelson (BP) (second, 2:45.03); Kendyl Queensland (GMLOKS) (third, 2:59.64)

200-meter dash: Anika Reiland (GMLOKS) (first, 26.31); Riley Queensland (GMLOKS) (second, 27.80)

3200-meter run: Kayla Christopherson (LP) (first, 12:12.76)

4 X400-meter relay: Shelby Beck, Jordyn Glynn, Maddy Bhend, Sydney Alstat (GMLOKS) (first, 4:32.94)

High jump: Riley Queensland (GMLOKS) (first, 4-10)

Pole vault: Gemini Johnson (BP) (first, 8-6)

Long jump: Lauren Buchholtz (GMLOKS) (first, 16-9)

Triple jump: Jordyn Glynn (GMLOKS) (first, 32-7.50)

Discus: Greta Warmka (GMLOKS) (first, 88-10)

Shot put: Micalyn Trihus (BP) (first, 32-5)