As weather warms up, keep an eye out for cyclists

Published 9:31 am Saturday, May 4, 2019

By Kevin D. Nelson

Austin Parks and Recreation

Bicycle riders have returned to the streets and trails, so beware of riders along streets, parks and entrances to the many of Austin’s park trails. Thank you for helping to keep non-motorized drivers, riders and pedestrians safe in our community.

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Bee hives at the nature center

For the first two years of our bee program, we contracted out the beekeeping work at the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center. This year we are taking over the keeping. This is new for us, and we are learning. We will also be breaking in new equipment this year, so the production will likely be down.

Kevin Nelson

We ordered our bees and have been told they will be available to pick up as early as this week. We hope to ‘hive’ our bees at the end of the week.

People who want to check out the hives can walk up to the edge of the fence; just don’t go inside of it. If they see us working with the bees in our bee suits, again, just give us space. People with children should keep an eye on them to make sure they stay away. We had no problems last year.

Over the course of the summer, observant visitors will notice the hives getting taller as we add more space for bees to make more honey.

On Aug. 24, we will need help from visitors to extract honey. Afterwards, we’ll sell it as a fundraiser for the Friends of the Hormel Nature Center.

Dogs and other pet animals in parks

Thank you for complying with City Ordinance 593, which requires keeping your pets “adequately restrained by a durable leash, cord, chain or other similar restraint and the pet animals shall be under the direct control of their owner, except that pet animals under the supervision of their owner may be unrestrained in the area designated as the dog park.”

The three ball field complexes, Todd North, Todd South, and Riverland, are off limits to all pets at all times. Anyone who doesn’t abide by the ordinance is subject to receiving a citation. Again, thank you for complying.

On a related note, the Austin Police Department is hiring a part-time community service officer. This individual will be assisting with a variety of duties including enforcement of animal control regulations.

Are you looking for summer employment? 

You may stop in to pick up your application or print the seasonal application off our web site.

Park and Recreation has many part-time job opportunities for ages high school and up. Are you retired and looking for something to get you outside? We may have something for you.

We are seeking for two people for our 6-inch cut mowers, one person to paint lines and other park maintenance, someone for the tree crew, push mowing and weed eating crew, and a landscaper/flower planter for the large pots and park flower beds, and recreation positions including a pool co-manager.  Always check our city website at  for the employment information and to print off the Seasonal/Temporary job application.

Summer registration

Our online summer registration is now open for Park & Recreation and Jay C. Hormel Nature Center programs.  Our summer brochure can be reviewed on the city website so you can start your planning.  Reminder, we have online registration at or go to and follow the link.

Summer hockey

Packer Summer Hockey Practice sign up is underway.

You may pick up a form at our office or print if off of our Facebook page and return it to Jason Merritt.  Practice is open to the first 30 skaters ages 14 to 18 as of June 3, 2019, and begins June 3.  Practice will be held at 6:30 a.m., which leaves the rest of your day open. There is a new format this year incorporating skating two mornings and dryland two mornings.

Riverside Arena

Public Skate: 12:15-1:30 p.m., today.

Stick Time: 1:45-3:15 p.m. today and 4:15-5:30 p.m. Sunday.  Always watch Facebook for additions to stick time or public skates.