New Minnesota Grown Directory features local farms and markets

Published 8:28 am Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The new Minnesota Grown Directory is now here, highlighting products and services available directly from Minnesota farmers and farmers markets. This year’s publication features 1,023 members from across the state.

Minnesota Grown

The Minnesota Grown Directory is searchable by region, farm name, or product. It includes locally grown fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy items, wineries, nurseries, Christmas trees, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operations, and more.

“The Minnesota Grown Directory is a great resource for Minnesotans and visitors to our state who are looking for fresh, local products,” said Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Thom Petersen. “The Directory is one of the best places to find local farms and farmers markets, and gives our farmers another avenue to sell their products.”

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For a free, printed copy of the Minnesota Grown Directory, visit the Minnesota Grown website, or call Explore Minnesota Tourism at 1-888-TOURISM.