Letter: Stand with Minnesotans

Published 9:36 am Saturday, April 6, 2019

With the governor unveiling a plan to increase the state’s gas tax by 20 cents a gallon, families should prepare for how it’ll affect their daily lives. Everything from road trips to work commutes to shuttling kids to and from school and games will cost more.

This is in addition to a second stealthy “tax” on gasoline proposed by an organization that’s supposed to support economic vitality: the Minnesota Department of Commerce, which took a stance against strengthening the state’s economy by filing another challenge to replace Line 3 and prevent the modernization of Minnesota’s energy infrastructure. The problem with that, by their own admission, is that it would increase prices statewide.

The process, law and science behind the replacement have been the most thoroughly scrutinized in state history when it comes to pipelines, which are the safest, most environmentally responsible way to transport oil and natural gas, 4.5 times safer than any alternative method.

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After more than 20 public hearings, the Minnesota Public Utility Commission, which reviewed the process and held additional hearings presided by an administrative law judge, found that all state requirements had been satisfied, leading to unanimous approval.

The energy security of families statewide continues to be threatened by political extremists who’d rather sabotage pipelines and shut down public hearings than follow the law or understand their state’s energy needs. It’s time for the governor to stand up for average Minnesotans and against these extremists.

Chris Ventura,

Minnesota Director, Consumer

Energy Allianc