Lessons from a friendly pooch named Tasse

Published 6:05 am Thursday, April 25, 2019

If one were to meet Demitasse, they would know immediately she has a high-class personality.

The spunky Shih Tzu exudes human-like tendencies, often casting loving looks at her owner Carmen Tribbett before settling down on the floor. If there’s company, Demitasse — Tasse for short — would lift her head up in a dignified fashion, announcing her presence before walking into any room.

“She’s a small dog with a big attitude,” Tribbett explained. “She’s very high class. That’s Tasse.”

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Still, the dog earned it, having served as the main character for Tribbett’s self-published book “The Monster Dog: A Small Dog with a Big Attitude,” which is available on Amazon and for purchase at Sweet Reads book store in downtown Austin.

Carmen Tribbett brought Tasse to life in the pages of her books, filled with adventures and meaningful stories.

Written from Tasse’s point of view, Tribbett crafted a story that explored lessons for children, such as love and forgiveness. Writing children’s books was considered to be her “fifth career,” as Tribbett has lived a long life with plenty of experiences along the way. She just celebrated her 87th birthday and refuses to let time slip past. Her social calendar is packed with trips, birthday dinners and more.

However, writing has taken center stage for Tribbett these days. The makings of another book has appeared on several sticky notes that are stuck onto her bathroom mirror.

She emphasized how important it was to continue living and making memories in the everyday moments.

Of course, Tasse is there along for the ride.

“I felt led to do it,” she said. “It was on my mind all the time.”

There is much more to the story of Tasse and owner Carmen Tribbett including the part local illustrator Katie Hunerdosse played in bringing the playful pup to life on the printed page. Pick up the May-June edition of Austin Living and read more on Tasse, Carmen, Katie and much, much more.