Austin man charged with assaulting woman in bathtub

Published 6:04 am Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Dominic Francis Sargent, 24, of Austin was charged with felony domestic assault and felony terroristic threats on Friday in Mower County District Court.

According to the court complaint, a woman came to the Mower County Law Enforcement Center with three minor children on Thursday to report that Sargent had assaulted her at her residence in the 300 block of Second Street Southeast.

Dominic Francis Sargent, 24

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She said Sargent became verbally aggressive with her after she asked where he had been when he was gone from the residence. She told police she was taking a bath and Sargent threw her clothes, some towels and a phone charger into the bathtub before throwing the shower curtain rod at her. She also said he took her phone as she was calling the police and used it to call his brother, asking him to come over and help him assault her. She also alleged he screamed and swore at her as she got dressed and had threatened to kill her.

Officers observed the woman’s clothes and boots were wet. The woman said she brought her children to the LEC to get them away from the situation and drove there almost “blind” because Sargent had thrown glasses and she was unable to find them.

Police arrested Sargent, who said he dropped a stick of deodorant in the bathtub and the shower curtain rod fell on him as he was attempting to retrieve it. He said he called his brother to ask him for a ride. He also claimed the woman’s clothes were wet because she bathes in her clothes and because he accidentally knocked her boots into the tub.

A review of Sargent’s criminal record shows prior convictions for burglary, domestic assault and terroristic threats.

Sargent will appear in court again on April 18.