Letter: Officials coming together for flood relief

Published 8:20 am Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Anyone who’s lived in Minnesota for any length of time can look at the mounds of snow piled up on street corners and in parking lots and be certain of one thing: it’s going to melt. We’ve already seen flooding in various communities around the southern portion of the state and there is potential for this to be one of the worst “melt” seasons on record.

Thus, it was good to see federal, state and local officials, including our Congressman Jim Hagedorn, gather together in the Cities to discuss the very real threat of flooding and to take proactive measures to prepare our homes and communities for it.

If you haven’t seen news reports, or haven’t had a pen and piece of paper handy when they were giving out tips and advice, there is an excellent list of “To Dos” (including looking into adding flood insurance to your homeowner’s policy) at hagedorn.house.gov.

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I commend Congressman Hagedorn, and the other locally elected officials involved, for working together for the people of southern Minnesota.

Ethan Young

Austin, MN