LETTER: Draw on the support of community

Published 9:05 am Saturday, March 30, 2019

When our country and world are amid unsettling times, we often turn to those closest to us. We reach out to our family and friends for comfort and reassurance. As a relatively new member of the community, I have found it to be a very generous one, providing support and care for each other when there is need.

As I listen to many comments about the school district’s proposed building bond, I am reminded of this need to come together as a community. There is no question that the situation in many parts of the world has many of us concerned. These are clearly tense and difficult times for our nation. The economic times for us here in our state and our community are also concerning. At the same time, we need to rely on each other and remember that we will continue to thrive as long as we grow as a local community.

We see the growth of our community. Our young families are growing and this is an exciting time. Educating our children is an important part of coming together as a community. Even during difficult national events, we need to support our children by providing them with the education they need to excel. Because we always draw support from our local community, we need to do everything we can to keep it strong.

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Go to the polls on Tuesday, April 9.

The Rev. Mark T Niethammer

Lead Pastor, St. Olaf Lutheran Church