Austin Public Schools announces 2019 Eberhart Poetry Contest finalists

Published 6:09 am Tuesday, March 26, 2019

All finalists, their families and the public are invited to attend the Eberhart Night of Poetry at 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 11, at the Hormel Historic Home.

Finalists from each school are invited to read their poem and are asked to invite an adult or teacher who inspired them to become a poet and share a few comments about their guest. School winners will be announced after all poems are shared, with certificates and awards being presented during that time.

The program is sponsored by the Austin Public Education Foundation with financial support from the Eberhart family. Richard Eberhart was born in 1904 in Austin and graduated from Austin High School in 1921. He was a Pulitzer Prize winner for his poetry and was also the recipient of the National Book Award for poetry in 1977.

2019 Eberhart Poetry Contest finalists

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Woodson Kindergarten Center

  • Carter McRae (K)
  • Collin McRae (K)
  • Caitlin Vasquez Beckman (K)

Banfield Elementary School

  • Valeria Garcia (2)
  • Ayden Keefe (3)
  • Juliette Zimmerli (3)

Neveln Elementary School

  • Emma Belden-Reimers (3)
  • Thalia Hernandez (3)
  • Sawyer Loucks (2)

Southgate Elementary School

  • Isaiah Blake (2)
  • Marcos Mata (4)
  • Callie McRae (3)

Sumner Elementary School

  • Daniel Jimenez Gonzalez (1)
  • Bo Korfhage (1)
  • Enar Zaki (4)

IJ Holton Intermediate School

  • Alexandria Oldenkamp (5)
  • Emma Stanley (6)
  • Reese Whiteis (5)

Ellis Middle School

  • Grace Anderson (7)
  • Elayna Blust (7)
  • Ariana Keefe (7)

Austin High School

  • Eleanor Hinchcliffe (12)
  • Cassity Nangle (12)
  • Lesley Orozco (9)