Views of Winter

Published 6:50 am Saturday, February 2, 2019

Through a year’s run of Austin Living magazine, we’ve been offering opportunities for the public to show off their talents and what they have seen by submitting photos or art they have taken for our Seen section.

A frost-covered leaf. Photo by Mark Lingl

And most every time we get several submissions. Unfortunately, sometimes we get so many that we just can’t get them all in, even if we can manage to free up some space. Sometimes we just can’t get past deadline constraints.

But we still would like to show off what our public sends us, so this week we feature images that didn’t make the deadline cut in time.

Hans Lindberg(6) and Britta Lindberg (4), the grandchildren of Gordy and Donna Handeland of Austin, out for some sledding fun. Photo by Gordy Handeland

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Keep an eye out for house ads and your next chance to submit.

— Eric Johnson, Austin Living editor

Photo by Chanda Ounkong