‘The fairest of them all’ – MCT presents ‘Snow White: The Queen’s Fair Daughter’

Published 9:06 am Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Matchbox Children’s Theatre continues its 44th Season with “Snow White: The Queen’s Fair Daughter” this weekend at the Historic Paramount Theatre.

This fascinating version of the fairytale is based on the original story as told by the famous Brothers Grimm and adapted by Max Bush.

The wicked Queen is Snow White’s own mother and she finds three devious ways to trick her. Look forward to seven dwarves who are just as devoted to Snow White as in the Disney version, but with different names.

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“I loved this script the moment I read it two years ago,” said director Angela Donovan. “The idea that Snow White’s mother is the one who leaves her in the woods and then tries three different ways to trick her so that she could be the fairest in the land intrigued me. She is not the evil stepmother that we are familiar with. She is a multi-layered character who loves her daughter, but the love for herself is far more important. We have been talking a lot about character development during rehearsals and how to portray this Queen. I am excited for you to see he relationship between her and Snow White and the relationship she also has with the King.”

Snow White’s father has an important role, along with the Prince and his tutor. The audience will have fun watching the relationship develop between Snow White and the Prince before find out each other’s true identities.

The queen, played by Crystal Cox, listens as the mirror on the wall tells her of her beauty during rehearsal for the Matchbox Children’s Theatre presentation of “Snow White: The Queen’s Fair Daughter’.”

“What balances this out and makes it such a fun show for children is our dwarves, who are great, and the Prince and his tutor,” Donovan said. “They have three sword fighting scenes that will have the kids in hysterics. It is great fun.”

Donovan said the cast for this performance includes many families.

“One thing I love so much about this cast is the families that we have involved,” she said. “We have five moms in this show working with their children, including myself getting to work with my daughter for our fifth show together. Matchbox is always about family and when families get to work together on shows it makes it truly special.”

“Snow White: The Queen’s Fair Daughter” will be performed at 7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 15, and Saturday, Feb. 16, and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 17. Tickets are $6 for ages 14 and younger and $10 for adults.

“This is fun family theatre filled with plenty of intriguing twists and turns along the way to the happily ever after ending,” Donovan said.

MCT will be holding auditions for its next show, “House at Pooh Corner,” from 6-8 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 24, at the Paramount Theatre. Performances are April 4-7.


  • Narrators – Jenny Dreyer and Kim Potter
  • Queen – Crystal Cox
  • Greta – Angela Kelly
  • King – Randy Forster
  • Young Snow White – Olivia Felten
  • Snow White – Lydia Wik
  • Mirror – Kim Zerke
  • Roland – Ed Dreyer
  • Frederick – Deidre Smith
  • Guard – Isaac Zerke

Seven Dwarves

  • Chief – Diann Smith
  • Tricky – Lilly Loverink
  • Bossy – Allie Alm
  • Jolly – McKenna Donovan
  • Clutzy – Zoee Sorenson
  • Hangry – Kalli Potter
  • Smiley – Grace Wood


  • Director – Angela Donovan
  • Assistant Director – Barb Kasel
  • Set Designer – Randy Forster
  • Set Construction – Scott Anderson
  • Set Crew – Coulter Wood
  • Costumers – Jen Weibrand and Carley Carrenza
  • Specialty Costume – Marie Fryer
  • Props – Janet Anderson, Angela Donovan, Barb Kasel, McKenna Donovan and Randy Forster
  • Choreography – McKenna Donovan and Angela Donovan
  • Light and Sound Design – Scott Anderson
  • Sound Operator – Cameron Krueger
  • Lighting Operator – Abe Phillips