Story Time: Pacelli second grade students share imagination through published book

Published 9:13 am Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Ever wonder how shamrocks can be seen through the eyes and imagination of a child? Pacelli Catholic School students have a story to tell.

During the last two years, Kathy Neve’s second grade students wrote their own book.

They chose a theme and then each student illustrated a page and wrote, revised and edited their page.

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Once completed, the class then sent their book manuscript to Studentreasures Publishing, which helped turn the assignments into a professional bound book.

“They had stencils for shamrocks and turned them into drawings where the shamrocks turned into wheels on a truck or clouds,” she said. “I’m very happy with what they’ve done and how creative students were with this theme.”

Last year, students wrote to the theme of “Diary of a Pacelli Second Grader,” Neve explained. This time, students chose to write about “This Was Once a Shamrock,” in which illustrations captured the imagination of what shamrock shapes could be seen in everyday or fictional things.

A letter and check for $100 accompany the book that earned Kathy Neve’s second grade class’s win in the Studentreasurers grant giveway.

For some of Neve’s students, this project may inspire them to pursue creative writing in the future as an art form, or even as a potential career. Nolan Huffman, 8, a second grade student in Neve’s class, shared that he loves to write, read and draw. Huffman had already written some of his own stories and hopes to share the joy of writing with others through his class book.

“I want to be a writer,” he said. “I like to see everything once it’s done”

Neve anticipates continuing this project every year so that younger students will have something to look forward to in second grade. With the book newly published, parents have the opportunity to purchase a copy and Neve can also get a copy for the classroom.

Unknowingly, Neve’s class was also the winner in a $100 grant giveaway from Studentreasures Publishing. The grant will go toward the class purchasing a set of new books for their classroom library, Neve added.

“Students loved the project and are proud of their work,” she said. “They get to see it when everything comes together and it’s their favorite project.”

That pride could be found in Rachel Kahle, 8, a second grade student in Neve’s class, who felt inspired to continue writing and reading while sharing that love with her family.

“Reading is the most important thing in life,” Kahle said.  “I love being able to make people excited to read, and I was so excited that the book is going to be seen by a lot of people.”