Hulne: Area schools take the time to celebrate

Published 8:19 pm Thursday, February 7, 2019

When big time TV networks promote signing day, it seems like they’re always talking about which five-star athletes are headed where and which big money schools won the biggest talent.

I have no problem passing over the top signing days where an athlete chooses from one of three hats to make his or her college choice. I would much rather go to a signing day like the three that took place in the Herald’s coverage area yesterday.

The day started for me in Blooming Prairie, where football players Seth Peterson and Tim Wolf were signing on to play Division III football. There were no cameras and no spotlights.

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There were cookies, and the BP girls basketball team took a break from practice to stop by and watch their classmates celebrate their decision to play football at the next level. There were also coaches, teammates, family members and teachers — all there to show their support.

In Grand Meadow I went to the singing day for Skylar Cotten and Jordyn Glynn, who were both committing to play Division III basketball. I ran into Cotten’s grandparents before the signing where her grandpa casually told me about a Sha Na Na concert that took place in Riverside Arena, a place that he actually helped build.

When the signing day took place, Cotten and Glynn had the crowd’s attention for a variety of pictures and junior Isabelle Olson probably appeared in about half of those photos as she was very enthusiastic about her teammate’s success.

I didn’t make it to Lily Holtz’s signing in Austin, but I saw that the Packer girls hockey team was on hand for the event, even though they had a playoff game later that night.

Going to events like the signings I went to on Wednesday are always a blast. Everyone’s in a good mood, everyone’s supportive and everyone’s celebrating.

We could all use more days like that.