Paint the Town Pink: Building on Momentum

Published 6:00 am Monday, January 28, 2019

For five years, Kathi Finley has been a major part of Paint the Town Pink, serving as the initiative’s chair for a majority of the event’s nine total years.

And even after so many years guiding the massive fundraising effort, she’s still amazed at how much it has grown in scale.

Kathi Finley

“There’s been tremendous growth in the area,” she said. “We’re multi-state which is really fun and exciting. The amount of grants that scientist have been able to receive has grown.”

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In 2011, Paint the Town Pink got its start behind the wildly successful Paint the Rink Pink, put on by the NAHL’s Austin Bruins here in Austin.

And each year it seems as if something new is added to the mix to further enhance everything else that is going on.

For instance, the YMCA, which normally would host a 5K at the Mower County Fairgrounds, will step it up a bit with the Renegade Games, featuring an array of events.

It will coincide with the Demo for Pink, which will happen at the grandstands of the fairgrounds.

It was taking an event that was one thing and turning into a family-friendly event that works in tandum with the demolition derby.

“It seems like the futher we go on, the more creative people get,” Finley said. “Even the major events, they’ve tried to step it up a notch this year.”

The Pink at the Pump is another event that has seen a boost, extending from its start in Iowa to expand to both North Dakota and Missouri.

“We’re really, really thankful,” Finley said. “Those big events are a lot of work. The main people that organize … it’s just amazing the amount of work they do.”

And this year serves in a slightly bigger capacity to that of years considering that 10 years is right around the corner.

“We’re super excited for the 10-year anniversary next year,” Finley said “We’re going to blow it out the water.”

“Just a big thank you to the community for their continued support,” Finley added. “Without them none of  this would be possible.”