Packer swimmers win nine events to beat Falcons

Published 8:10 am Friday, January 11, 2019

The Austin boys swimming and diving team won nine events as it beat Faribault 94-84 on the road Thursday.
Trey Myers won the 200-yard individual medley, Logan Kelly won the 100-yard breaststroke and the 50-yard freestyle, Rafe Dolan Peterson won the 100-yard butterfly and the 100-yard backstroke and Aaron Knoll won the 100-yard freestyle.
The 200-yard medley relay team of Knoll, Kelly, Myers and Dolan Peterson took first, the 200-yard freestyle relay team of Dolan Peterson, Myers, Knoll and Kelly took first and the 400-freestyle relay team of Brock Lawhead, Jackson Marsh, Tate Miller and Winston Walkup took first.
200-medley relay: Aaron Knoll, Logan Kelly, Trey Myers, Rafe Dolan Peterson (first, 1:46.53); Tate Miller, Thomas Walker, Cameron Krueger, Brock Lawhead (third, 2:02.69)
200-freestyle: Brock Lawhead (third, 2:02.60); Isaac Aguilar (fifth, 2:18.50); Adam Pike (sixth, 2:19.27)
200-individual medley: Trey Myers (first, 2:15.28); Winston Walkup (second, 2:22.71); Kenny Cabeen (fourth, 2:54.51)
50-freestyle: Logan Kelly (first, 23.22); Isaac Aguilar (fourth, 26.78); Adam Pike (fifth, 27.49)
Diving: Riley Norton (second, 199.80); Riley Ferguson (third, 116.35); Lucas Rasmussen (fourth, 102.15)
100-butterfly: Rafe Dolan Peterson (first, 56.03); Trey Myers (second, 1:00.92)
100-freestyle: Aaron Knoll (first, 53.29); Cameron Krueger (fifth, 57.64); Tate Miller (sixth, 1:00.17)
500-freestyle: Tate Miller (second, 5:50.78)
200-freestyle relay: Rafe Dolan Peterson, Trey Myers, Aaron Knoll, Logan Kelly (first, 1:33.85); Winston Walkup, Isaac Aguilar, Andrew Neitzell, Cameron Krueger (third, 1:47.74)
100-backstroke: Rafe Dolan Peterson (first, 58.46); Winston Walkup (second, 1:04.98); Aaron Knoll (third, 1:06.24)
100-breaststroke: Logan Kelly (first, 1:02.14); Cameron Krueger (second, 1:14.28); Thomas Walker (fourth, 1:19.07)
400-freestyle relay: Brock Lawhead, Jackson Marsh, Tate Miller, Winston Walkup (first, 3:49.87); Isaac Clasen, Isaac Aguilar, Joseph Cook, Adam Pike (third, 4:14.94)

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