Man charged with assaulting pregnant woman; Allegedly threatened to kill victim and her children

Published 9:03 am Friday, January 11, 2019


Cesar Ruben Rios, also known as Silvestre Cantu, Cesar Ruben Rios-Rodriguez, and Marco Torres, 33, of Austin was charged on Thursday in Mower County District Court with third-degree assault-substantial bodily harm, domestic assault, domestic assault by strangulation, terroristic threats and forgery-using false writing for identification, all felonies.

According to the court complaint, Mower County deputies were dispatched at 7:02 p.m. on Tuesday to the 17000 block of Highway 218 in Austin Township.

Dispatch advised that a 10-year-old male had called, saying Rios had “knocked out” his mother before leaving the residence in an unknown direction.

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A deputy arrived on scene and observed the victim had swelling in her cheek and mouth, a bloody lip, and fresh scratches and scrapes. She reported that Rios had punched and choked her. Her son, who called law enforcement, said he saw Rios cover his mother’s mouth and put his fingers down her throat.

The victim also indicated that she was pregnant and that Rios threatened that he or his family would kill her and her children if she told law enforcement.

Gold Cross Ambulance Service responded to the scene and took the victim to Mayo Clinic Health System-Austin.

Dispatch advised the deputies that a taxi was headed to the area to pick up Rios. Deputies found the taxi and saw Rios in the passenger seat. Rios was placed under arrest and found to be in possession of a State of Missouri identification card with his photograph under the name “Marco Torres.” Dispatch ran the card, which came back as a forgery.

While at the jail, a deputy spoke to Rios, who said he had fought with the victim earlier in the day and that she had punched him, scratched his face and bit his finger. He denied that an assault had taken place before law enforcement was called, saying the victim and her son were lying and the injuries to her face were from him trying to push her off while she was biting his finger and that she was hitting her head against a door. The deputy photographed his finger and neck, which has slight scratch marks.

Rios acknowledged the identification card was “fake” and that he used it to get employment.

The deputy then spoke to the victim at the hospital. She said they had argued earlier in the day and that Rios had pushed her, punched her, pulled her hair, and threatened to kill her and her children if she told anyone about the assault. He then calmed down and told her he loved her.

The victim said they argued again before her son called 911, and that Rios grabbed her by the hair and repeatedly pounded her head against a wall. He then cupped both of his hands over her mouth, making it difficult to breath, and she bit his hand before losing consciousness. She also said he gripped her neck and stuck his hand into her mouth, causing her to lose consciousness again.

A doctor classified the woman’s injuries, jaw pain and facial contusions, as “bodily harm.”

A review of Rios’ criminal history shows prior convictions for terroristic threats, domestic assault and harassment-stalking with intent to injure. In addition, the complaint states Rios “was previously deported and/or is subject to deportation from the United States.”

Rios will appear in court again on Jan. 24.