Letter: Hagedorn should not be playing follow the leader

Published 7:53 am Thursday, January 31, 2019


On the day President Trump ended his unnecessary government shut down, Representative Hagedorn told CBS news that “Democrats have to move toward the president.”

If not, he threatened that, “The president will declare an emergency and repurpose money from Homeland Security and the Defense Department to get the job done.”

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A more thoughtful congressman, one who stands up for the best interests of his constituents and his nation, might have said something more like,“Congressional Democrats, Congressional Republicans, and President Trump should negotiate honestly and openly with each other and come to a compromise that meets the needs of our nation.” But that is not what Rep. Hagedorn said.

Instead, he repeated President Trump’s threat to take money from our soldiers, disaster victims, and border security if he does not get his way.

The people of the first district do not want their member of Congress to represent President Trump. We expect and should have representation that focuses on the needs of our farmers, our veterans, our senior citizens and our small businesses. We need open and functioning federal agencies to prosper.

So, I say to Representative Hagedorn; Join the conversation in congress. Display the values of the people of the first district.

Find a compromise that above all reflects the needs of our district.

Remember, you represent us, not Donald Trump.

Robert Emary

Worthington, Minnesota