Dolan Peterson and Kelly set records at ‘True Team’ state meet

Published 10:47 am Monday, January 28, 2019

The Austin boys swimming and diving team had some great swims as it broke three school records and took ninth place at the Minnesota Class A ‘True Team’ state meet at the University of Minnesota Saturday.

Rafe Dolan Peterson set a new AHS standard in the 100-yard backstroke with a third place time of 53.93 seconds, surpassing the mark of Pete Jones, who had the previous record time of 54.22 seconds in 1997.

Logan Kelly broke his own school records in the 200-yard individual medley with a second place time of 1:57.54 and the 100-yard breastroke with first place a time of 57.23 seconds. The breaststroke time is a new ‘True Team’ state meet record.

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200-yard medley relay: Trey Myers, Logan Kelly, Rafe Dolan Peterson, Aaron Knolll (fourth, 1:39.45); Winston Walkup, Cameron Krueger, Jackson Marsh, Isaac Clasen (33rd, 1:59.21); Adam Pike, Thomas Walker, Kaden Case, Joseph Cook (37th, 2:09.14); Kenneth Cabeen, Jack Staben, Joseph Hilkin, Riley Norton (42nd, 2:12.49)

200-freestyle: Brock Lawhead (31st, 2:02.63); Jackson Marsh (34th, 2:04.81); Tate Miller (41st, 2:07.39); Isaac Aguilar (45th, 2:17.51)

200-individual medley: Logan Kelly (second, 1:57.54); Winston Walkup (31st, 2:24.79); Kenneth Cabeen (47th, 2:53.46)

50-freestyle: Aaron Knoll (12th, 22.91); Cameron Krueger (41st, 26.20); Adam Pike (44th, 27.24); Andrew Neitzell (47th, 27.71)

Diving: Riley Norton (sixth, 334.45); Riley Ferguson (22nd, 108.55); Lucas Rasmussen (33rd, 74.85)

100-butterfly: Rafe Dolan Peterson (second, 52.55); Trey Myers (eighth, 56.52); Joseph Hilkin (43rd, 37.04); Kaden Case (45th, 1:27.20)

500-freestyle: Brock Lawhead (31st, 5:42.10); Cameron Krueger (35th, 5:44.56); Tate Miller (38th, 5:51.58); Matthew Grush (47th, 6:42.42)

200-freestyle relay: Winston Walkup, Jackson Marsh, Cameron Krueger, Brock Lawhead (25th, 1:42.79); Adam Pike, Andrew Neitzell, Isaac Clasen, Tate Miller (34th, 1:49.08); Isaac Aguilar, Jack Staben, Kenneth Cabeen, Joseph Cook (35th, 1:51.55); Sam Keenan, Kyle Mayer, Matthew Grush, Kaden Case (40th, 1:57.51)

100-backstroke: Rafe Dolan Peterson (third, 59.93); Trey Myers (13th, 59.09); Jackson Marsh (28th, 1:04.33); Winston Walkup (30th, 1:04.63)

100-breaststroke: Logan Kelly (first, 57.23); Thomas Walker (39th, 1:14.67); Jack Staben (45th, 1:22.15); Andrew Neitzell (46th, 1:22.45)

400-freestyle relay: Rafe Dolan Peterson, Aaron Knoll, Trey Myers, Logan Kelly (third, 3:17.29); Brock Lawhead, Isaac Clasen, Joseph Cook, Tate Miller (29th, 3:55.82); Adam Pike, Andrew Neitzell, Isaac Aguilar, Jack Staben (37th, 4:16.21); Kenneth Cabeen, Matthew Grush, Kaden Case, Sam Keenan (38th, 4:22.50)