The relevance of technology in education

Published 9:05 am Saturday, December 22, 2018

By Katie Baskin

Southgate Elementary School Principal

Technology has become an essential part of our education system, and the Austin Public School District has been at the forefront of integration for students and staff.

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Not only has it positively impacted instructional practices and how students interact with the learning process, but technology has become critical in decision-making and as a communication tool for schools.

The amounts of student tools for learning is increasing with the development of technology, and it is our responsibility as educators to teach students how to appropriately use the technology to be safe online and academically advance their skills. 

Southgate Principal Katie Baskin

Technology is simply a reality for our students, and we have worked hard as a district to embrace opportunities to learn in new ways.

At Southgate Elementary, our staff has been exploring various technological tools and software to engage students.

We use technology to formatively assess student knowledge and to challenge students at their instructional levels. Students are developing new literacies to express themselves and using technology to engage with content to make connections with their own experiences.

This year our staff, utilizing a variety of devices, are exploring coding, using computational skills to problem solve, and using technology to personalize instruction in all curricular areas.

Teachers are taking risks as well, and learning alongside their students each day to expose students to content and skills that will benefit their future.

Southgate staff is continuously modifying lessons to challenge students and create high level thinking opportunities. 

The ultimate goal is for students to understand there is relevance to what they are learning. Interaction, collaboration, and problem solving are essential in preparation for real world application.