JCI looking for members

Published 9:05 am Saturday, December 29, 2018

JCI Austin is currently looking for new members, 18 to 40 years old, who want to make an impact on Austin.

JCI is a fun, socially aware group of young adults who want to help others while learning valuable leadership skills. Everyone is welcome. JCI Austin is the state’s oldest continuously operating chapter, dating back to the 1930s and has raised money for local, national and international causes.

The Impact of Being a Jaycee:

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•Develop as a professional and community leader through hands-on learning opportunities

•Build your leadership skills through project management and volunteerism

•Make a direct impact on the quality of life in your community

•Connect with young people in your community and statewide around common goals

•Build skills in public speaking, project management, finance, volunteer management, and entrepreneurship

•Find mentors in your community and develop the skills to mentor others

•Build self-confidence and belief in your own potential as a young person

•Feel ownership over your work in an all-volunteer organization