Frosty Beauty: The splender of winter in pictures

Published 6:26 am Saturday, December 15, 2018

Every year, I like to take a walk through the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center on a recruitment drive.

An effort, if you will, to convert people to my own love of our coldest months.

The Nature Center didn’t disappoint as this year’s walk took me through frost-covered trees on a chilly, sun-kissed Tuesday morning.

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There is plenty to find on a simple, one-hour walk, including ducks on Dobbins Creek, deer in brush and birds on leafless branches.

I hope you take advantage of the season and take a stroll to find what winter has waiting for you.

Frost and snow cling to a dead plant as the sun rises early morning at the Jay C.Hormel Nature Center.

A thin sheet of ice covers leaves and other debries in Dobbins Creek.

The sun, like an eye, peaks through the thick pine of the nature center.

Dobbins Creek takes on a golden sheen against the contrast of the blue around it as the sun begins rising.