Animal transports bring thousands of rescues to homes

Published 8:23 am Friday, December 28, 2018

By Tony Saunders

MPR News/90.1 FM

The number of animals arriving at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley continues to rise. It has taken in more than 23,000 animals this year. Many of these animals were rescued from natural disasters and overcrowded shelters in the southern United States.

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The adoption rate is impressive at over 95 percent. The humane society makes adoption attractive to pet owners by providing spay and neuter surgeries, behavior rehabilitation and other medical treatment. Still, the shelter had to euthanize more than 1,000 animals this year.

The Animal Humane Society is a nonprofit that relies heavily on donations, which allows it to maintain the resources for its services. One of the most important resources in keeping up with the high adoption rates in Minnesota is animal transports from areas in need; the shelter takes in between 7,000 and 9,000 animals per year from all over the country.

Animals being transported often come from states like Alabama or Mississippi, where spay and neuter rates are low, and natural disasters like Hurricane Michael result in animals being abandoned.

Shelters like Save a Pet in Dothan, Ala., deliver transports to the Golden Valley facility on a regular basis, which helps to keep a healthy number of animals ready for adoption at the facility.

After transports arrive at the facility, the humane society provides the resources they need to become healthy and social animals ready for adoption.