Looking back on 2018: Eric Johnson’s top photos

Published 9:24 pm Saturday, December 29, 2018

2018 proved to be another eventful year in our area and that goes for all photo opportunities.

Throughout the 12 months that made up this year, these are my favorites that stayed with me to the end.

Early morning sundogs flank the downtown utilities plant in January. The phenomena were quite literally the only bright point to the extreme cold that was gripping the area.

Austin volleyball players Lily Holtz, right and Jenna Braaten work at the net as the two were part of an outdoor team workout this past summer at the volleyball courts at Todd Park.

Duoth Gach celebrates as the Packers punched their ticket to the state tournament.

Whalen and Willows perform in the alley behind Dusty’s during this year’s Austin ArtWorks Festival.

Parna Lam, right, and Ameisha Gunsallus, left, hold up signs during a walk-out by Austin High School students in conjunction with a national walk out.

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