The Wide Angle: Honestly, I apologize for this column

Published 6:59 am Saturday, November 10, 2018

As I write this week’s column, it’s about 11:40 p.m. on Tuesday night — election night.

I’m in the office by myself and I’ve just sent the final version of Wednesday’s Herald to print. Only one bank of lights is on and music is finally playing and I’ve come to the realization — I really don’t like covering elections.

Ask any reporter and they will tell you they have favorite things they like to cover. As for myself, you’ll find me happiest on the sidelines of some game or another or shooting a concert. These are the moments I enjoy the most.

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Sitting at a computer, staring at numbers and trying to comprehend the importance of these numbers is not one of them. Admittedly, counting vote tallies isn’t particularly hard to figure out if you can get past the mountainous columns of monotony, but the enjoyment isn’t made better by the infernal wait that sometimes accompanies the election coverage.

Of course, this goes in lockstep in not finding politics the least amount of entertaining or interesting.

I’m convinced politicians have turned to robocalling because I and people like me tend to voice our complaints at being bothered by politics on a Sunday night.

Certain areas of course are interesting as the microcosms of the political machine are broken down, but for the most part I’ve never enjoyed politics.

I’m not even sure politicians on the big stage even bother to hide the lies and hypocrisy.

Granted, I had a whole host of other thoughts running through my head the rest of the night as we waited and waited … and waited.

This is nothing new nor special as I always give my mind free reign to wander and go where it pleases to the soundtrack of whatever I’m playing at that particular moment.

For instance, thoughts that occupied my mind as I sat here in the dark of early Wednesday, gloomly thinking of my bed: Godfather’s is a top five pizza, the Minnesota Timberwolves are utterly horrible and getting worse, aliens, ghosts, Jenga on the moon and hands down, without question Bob Seger is a must-play during elections.

“Night Moves,” in particular, but I”ll take all kinds of Bob Seger.

Sprinkle in some Boston and just a pinch of Bryan Adams and the night becomes passable.

If the last couple of paragraphs aren’t evidence enough, it’s a mind that’s rarely quiet.

I was getting pretty punchy as Tuesday transitioned into Wednesday, especially thanks to the act of going from one website to another in an effort to figure something out or get some little bit of information.

A couple of times I got the idea of just typing random words into the search bar of Google and wading into the Internet to see what I can find, but then the more I thought about it the more I realized that was a bad idea.

Wading into the Internet isn’t like wading into the ocean or some pristine lake, but more so like wading into a rather suspect mud puddle on a pig farm.

Don’t make me explain further, it can only go downhill from there.

I suppose I could take a shortcut and type random words into YouTube, but I’m not sure that’s any better.

I’ll save that for alien conspiracies.

I guess the one thing I’m really not looking for is when the pundits and analysts go whole hog into trying to guess what will come next based on the happenings of the night.

I’m pretty sure that whole gimmick is based on how many people a station can cram around a crescent-shaped table.

CNN Tuesday morning had, I believe, six or seven at one point, all putting some persecutive into the context of the political slap fight we’re all having to endure these days.

Throughout the day they kept parading people through the studio, many of them saying the same thing. It got so bad at one point I was pretty sure I would look up and see a camera crew staring at me asking what I think about how this will affect the 2020 election.

I would tell them, of course, because I’m all about helping — helping myself to another piece of election night pizza that is.