Man pleads guilty to meth sales; Charge reduced in plea agreement

Published 8:13 am Thursday, November 29, 2018

Cristian Andres Wilborn, 19, of Austin pleaded guilty to felony second-degree drugs-sale of 10 grams or more of a narcotic other than heroin within a 90-day period as part of a plea agreement on Wednesday in Mower County District Court.

The charge was reduced from felony first-degree drugs-sale of 17 grams or more of methamphetamine as part of the plea agreement. He initially pleaded not guilty on Nov. 5.

Cristian Andres Wilborn, 19

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According to the court complaint, Wilborn and Patricia Jane Boonreuang, 23, of Austin, sold methamphetamine to a confidential reliable informant (CRI) on Dec. 21, 2017. The CRI arranged the purchase with Boonreuang and was monitored by police as he drove to the parking lot of Star Liquor. Police then observed a 1998 Ford Taurus park next to the CRI’s vehicle. The CRI then got into the back seat of the Ford and purchased methamphetamine from Boonreuang, then met with police at a predetermined location and surrendered 28.177 grams of methamphetamine. The CRI reported that Boonreuang was accompanied by a male, later identified as Wilborn, who handed him the drugs after he gave Boonreuang the money.

Boonreuang was also charged with felony first-degree drugs-sale of 17 grams or more of methamphetamine, to which she has pleaded not guilty. Her trial has been scheduled for February.

A review of Wilborn’s criminal record shows prior convictions for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia and juvenile offenses for assault.

Wilborn will be sentenced on April 5.