Man allegedly threatens supervisor with knife

Published 8:18 am Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Abajado Alamo Ojulu, 26, of Austin was charged on Tuesday in Mower County District Court with felony second-degree assault-dangerous weapon and felony terroristic threats.

According to the court complaint, an officer was called at 1:39 a.m. on Saturday to QPP regarding an employee threatening a supervisor. He met with the supervisor, who said he and another supervisor had a meeting with Ojulu regarding an incident that occurred on Nov. 1. Ojulu told him he was upset because the supervisor was “too close” to him when they spoke on Nov. 1, but that they left the meeting with no further incident.

The supervisor told the officer that Ojulu requested to speak with him and another supervisor the next day, the complaint said. He arranged for a meeting in an office and he and Ojulu waited for the other supervisor to arrive before Ojulu said he was going back to work and he would “deal with” him later. The supervisor told Ojulu to meet with them after his shift.

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The supervisor requested that another employee be present at the meeting because he felt uncomfortable meeting Ojulu alone, according to the complaint. At the end of the shift, the supervisor walked into the office, followed by Ojulu, who then closed the door without another employee entering. Ojulu told the supervisor that he was not coming to work the next day and that he was going to speak to human resources about the supervisor getting into his “space.” The supervisor advised him to come to work early because human resources personnel left early on Saturdays.

The complaint states that Ojulu set his work knives on the desk, pulled out a black de-boning knife, then walked toward the supervisor with the knife sticking out and said, “(Expletive), I can (expletive) kill you. This is (expletive) that Asians get in other peoples space.” The supervisor told police he was afraid Ojulu, who was making circular motions with the knife “a couple feet away,” would stab him. He told Ojulu to put the knife down and Ojulu put it down by his side. An employee than walked past and the supervisor motioned for that employee to come into the office. The supervisor said when the employee entered, Ojulu again raised the knife and held it one-inch from his chest, prompting the employee to yell for help. Ojulu then placed the knife on the desk and left the office while swearing. The knife was collected as evidence.

The complaint states police located Ojulu at a residence in the 600 block of 12th Avenue Northwest. Ojulu told an officer he was upset the supervisor got into his “space” when talking to him and it “bugs” him when people get into his personal space. He also said he believed the supervisor had been taking his work equipment because the supervisor thought it was funny when he was missing things. When asked what happened in the office, Ojulu indicated he had pointed a knife at the supervisor. He told police, “I was just handing in my stuff and (the supervisor) just had that dumb smirk look on his face, and I am just like, I might as well get just one last laugh out of this if I’m (expletive) leaving.”

A review of Ojulu’s criminal history shows a prior conviction for disorderly conduct.

Ojulu will appear in court again on Nov. 19.