Conradt is Kiwanis Student of the Month

Published 8:29 am Friday, November 16, 2018


The Austin Noon Kiwanis Student of the Month is Steven Conradt, a senior at Austin High School.

Steven has been involved in Student Council, Friendship Club, Peer Power Partners, band, choir, Austinaires, jazz band, the AHS marching band, and the Austin Community Band.

He was recently involved in the St. Olaf Church Foundation as a youth representative and as a member of the Investment Committee.

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He has played various instruments in several Summerset Theatre productions at Riverland and in school productions at AHS.

He has volunteered in and around Austin and has 189 service hours toward his Scarlet Cord, far exceeding the required number of hours needed.

Steven’s character is described as “personable and genuine and is evident through his volunteering experiences of helping others.”

“Throughout my four years at Austin High School, I’ve been blessed to have many passionate and skilled teachers,” Steven said. “My freshman year, Brad Mariska and Brian Johnson revitalized a fading love for music, which is a passion I have held dear since. As I’ve found out, the brain works in one of two ways: as a creative mind, or as an analytical mind.  Music has manifested itself in keeping with my creative mind, but analytical subjects such as math and science have always been a struggle for me.  I’m very lucky to have been supported with math and science teachers who recognize the difference in the thought processes of students and have helped me through their classes.”

“I hope to attend the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, after graduation for degrees in saxophone performance, music education and pipe organ repair.”

“I have two people in particular I’d like to recognize for impacting me during my schooling.  This year, I’m taking AP Biology with Ms. Kim Vesterby.  On the first day of school, she read through our syllabus and said, ‘This is interesting material I think you’ll all enjoy learning.’  Ms. Vesterby made a connection with me by saying what she said.  This sentence changed my mind about her class, and has caused me to be more interested and dedicated . The other teacher is Mr. Brian Johnson.  During my three years with him as my choir director, his humbleness, passion for music and knowledge of the material set a firm foundation that I’ll have for the rest of my life regarding interests in music.  Through extra-curricular events with him such as school theater productions, performances and private lessons, he became a friend and role model, as well as a teacher.  This relationship is rare but very celebrated, and will be one that I will hold dear forever.”