Woman allegedly stabs man in leg during argument; Told police she was ‘sick of being hit’

Published 8:15 am Thursday, October 4, 2018

Diana Marie Nguyen, 20, of Austin was charged on Tuesday in Mower County District Court with felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, felony terroristic threats and felony domestic assault by strangulation.

Diana Marie Nguyen, 20

According to the court complaint, two officers responded to a 911 hang-up call at 9:55 p.m. on Sunday at a residence in the 3600 block of First Avenue Southwest. They arrived and heard a television inside the residence, followed by a female yelling, “Let go, let go!” When an officer knocked on the door, a man who was bleeding from his leg answered it. An officer went inside and saw Nguyen with two small children in the living room area.

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The complaint states that Nguyen was crying and told one of the officers, “We were fighting and I stabbed him. I stabbed him because I’m sick of being hit.” She told the officer the knife was in the bathroom. The officer observed blood throughout the residence, but did not see any obvious injuries to Nguyen.

Nguyen told police that she and the victim had been arguing, the complaint states. She said she was going to work and had said good night to the children when the victim turned off the bedroom light to irritate her. They got into an altercation that resulted in them pushing and slapping each other. She said she threw a cup at him and told him she was “sick” of him hitting and touching her. She then told police she got the knife, sat down on the bed next to the victim and placed the knife on his leg as a threat, but he moved and her hand “just kinda slipped.” She told police she only meant to scare him and tried to help him with the wound, but the victim didn’t want her help and tried to get away from her.

Nguyen then told police she grabbed his leg and tried holding it in the air, but the victim began choking her with both hands while she did, the complaint states. She said he grabbed her necklace and she yelled, “Let go, let go!” She said he had strangled her in the past, but she did not report it to the police. The officer did not observe any injuries to her neck.

Police spoke to the victim, who said they had been arguing about their future living situation, the complaint states. He said he had put the children to bed and Nguyen came into the bedroom and turned on the light. When he turned it off, he claimed she shoved him and they started arguing. He said she threw a cup at him, but it missed and hit one of the children. He said he went into the bedroom after shoving Nguyen, who got the knife, sat next to him, poked the tip of the knife against his leg, pushed it in and pulled it out quickly. He said she had threatened him with a knife before, but didn’t think she would stab him.

The complaint states the victim said they continued fighting on the couch because he didn’t want her help with the wound. He said Nguyen then started to strangle him and he choked her in an attempt to get her to stop.

An officer located the knife and observed blood on it, the complaint states.

Nguyen will appear in court again on Oct. 15.