Letter: Steve Sandvik is running for Sheriff of Mower County

Published 7:58 am Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Voters of Mower County:

Steve Sandvik is running for Sheriff of Mower County. Growing up with Steve as my father has allowed me to bear witness to Steve’s unquestioned work ethic my entire life. Steve had this strong work ethic ingrained into his DNA from his father, Dennis, a man who grew up so poor that he altered his birth certificate so he could enlist in the Navy early and fight for his country in WWII.

Steve is a special breed of peace officer who has the charisma to lead, the drive to inspire and the compassion to listen. Steve’s vocation is not about putting people in jail, but rather that of fixing bad situations for those in need. In short, he is a “fixer.” Years back when he found some kids in an unfortunate situation, he worked hard to help fix their situation. Then he went to the state legislature to help fix the laws, strengthening the punishment for such cruel treatment of children. For most people that’s where the story would end but not for my Dad. Unbeknownst to his own family he quietly drove to northern Minnesota one winter day and delivered Christmas presents to the youngsters because his commitment to service does not just fall between the hours of 8 and 5. I thank God every day that the only thing I need my dad to fix is my furnace or a leaky faucet. Unfortunately, there are people in this world that need help fixing much more dire circumstances.

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I am happy Mower County residents have a man like Steve Sandvik to potentially become their next sheriff and help fix the challenges they may face.

– Ben Sandvik

St. Paul