Austin swim team falls to Faribault

Published 10:22 pm Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Austin girls swimming and diving team lost to Faribault by a score of 95-88 on the road Thursday.

Austin’s Molly Sheehan took first in the 100-yard breaststroke.


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200-medley relay: Madelynn Murley, Molly Sheehan, Molly Garry, Hanna Thompson (second, 2:03.69); Zoe Dolan Peterson, Signe Fadness, Ingrid Dolan Peterson, Mackenzie Carter (third, 2:18.11)

200-freestyle: Zoe Dolan Peterson (second, 2:17.88); Taya Kuchera (third, 2:19.91); Lucy Lagervall (fifth, 2:29.33)

200-individual medley: Molly Sheehan (second, 2:34.62); Ingrid Dolan Peterson (fourth, 2:50.87); Hannah Case (fifth, 3:02.67)

50-freestyle: Hanna Thompson (second, 27.89); Sierra Leichtnam (fourth, 29.17); Mackenzie Carter (sixth, 30.34)

Diving: Hanna Thompson (second, 154.60); Alayna Tschann (fifth, 129.50); Rachel Engelstad (sixth, 116.30)

100-butterfly: Molly Garry (second, 1:07.23); Hannah Case (third, 1:27.95); Alayna Jovaag (fifth, 1:47.87)

100-freestyle: Madelynn Murley (third, 1:02.67); Sierra Liechtnam (fourth, 1:04.99); Signe Fadness (sixth, 1:07.05)

500-freestyle: Taya Kuchera (third, 6:21.58); Lucy Lagervall (fourth, 6:55.29); Rose Garry (sixth, 7:18.81)

200-freestyle: Molly Garry, Zoe Dolan Peterson, Hanna Thompson, Molly Sheehan (second, 1:49.10)

100-backstroke: Madelynn Murley (second, 1:11.05); Molly Garry (third, 1:12.49); Zoe Dolan Peterson (fourth, 1:17.28)

100-breaststroke: Molly Sheehan (first, 1:15.56); Ingrid Dolan Peterson (third, 1:27.22); Signe Fadness (fourth, 1:29.56)

400-freestyle relay: Sierra Liechtnam, Taya Kuchera, Signe Fadness, Madelynn Murley (second, 4:23.05); Mackenzie Carter, Lucy Lagervall, Rose Garry, Ingrid Dolan Peterson (fourth, 4:39.24)