Experiences of an intern

Published 6:50 am Saturday, August 4, 2018

Once a year (sometimes more) I am fortunate to introduce a guest columnist.

This summer we have enjoyed and benefitted from having our fifth summer intern through the Step Up Program. Blanca Lopez Chilel started in June and has enthusiastically embraced the Hormel Historic Home. She has learned the history, shared it with tour guests, and become a valuable part of our summer team. I have never required our interns to write of their experience at the HHH, but if they are willing to reflect on their time here, I am happy to share their youthful perspective with you. Enjoy Blanca’s words below.

Blanca Lopes Chilel.
Photo provided

My intern experience over the summer was overall fun, interesting and exciting. When I heard about the Step-Up Program, I thought it would be interesting having a new experience working in a business-like environment. One of the choices that fit my interests was the Hormel Historic Home. Holly explained all the activities at the Home, and it sounded fun and interesting. When I heard that I got the job I was really excited because I got what I wanted based on my interests.

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I never knew the Hormels had such an amazing history. First, it seemed hard memorizing all the history about the Hormels, but I was fascinated by the history I learned. I felt smart because people my age or even younger don’t know much about the Hormel history. They are missing out on an amazing story about Austin.

One of the projects I did was a chart to show where the visitors come from. The results showed that people from 42 states and 4 countries visited in 2017. Wow, that’s amazing that Austin gets visitors from all over the world.

When I joined in meetings with Holly, I enjoyed the experience. I liked observing how everyone spoke their mind, thought of ideas and tried to come to conclusion in agreement.

Overall, I’ve experienced and developed many skills. It was a pleasure working with Holly, Amanda and Luke. I like how both Holly and Amanda are so full of energy for what awaits them in a day. You can tell they love doing their job; not many managers I’ve encountered enjoy their job. I am grateful to have been given the chance to work with them. I’d say it was a great start to my senior year.

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