Austin Public Library offering Freegal; Allows for downloading, streaming of music

Published 8:23 am Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Austin Public Library announced that it is now offering Freegal Music Service on its website.

Through Freegal, library patrons can have access to over 15 million songs from over 40,000 music labels and 100 different countries. The program is offered through the Library Ideas network.

Julie Clinefelter, director of the Austin Public Library.

“Freegal is another service the library offer’s patrons to provide free and equal access to digital media and does so in a way that doesn’t infringe on the rights of content creators,” said Julie Clinefelter, director of the Austin Public Library.

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As part of the service, library patrons will be able to sign into the program with their library card and download three songs a week. They can also stream five hours of music a day.

Clinfelter said patrons will also have access to music videos (which cost two of the three weekly downloads) and some audio books.

Included among the available music is Sony Music’s catalog.

“Sony Music has an incredibly expansive and popular catalog and we are really excited to partner with them on this, a very important product for libraries,” said Brian Downing, co-founder of Library Ideas. “The participation of so many leading independent labels will also help the library reach as many patron groups as possible.”

Freegal Music Service also has free mobile apps available for registered cardholders of subscribing libraries.

“Library staff are already using the streaming service and giving it rave reviews!”