Sisters charged with assaulting each other; Varying witness accounts on use of lamp

Published 7:28 am Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Two sisters arrested for allegedly fighting in the street appeared on Monday in Mower County District Court.

Abajado Otor Gilo, 18, of Austin was charged with felony domestic assault.

Okony Otor Gilo, 22, of Austin was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault-intentionally inflict/attempt to inflict bodily harm on another. She pleaded not guilty.

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According to court documents, police were called at 10:24 p.m. on Friday regarding two females fighting in the street in the 900 block of Fourth Avenue Northwest. Okony told police the fight started because she told Abajado’s boyfriend to leave the residence. She alleged that Abajado assaulted her and hit her in the face, while Abajado alleged Okony tried to hit her with a lamp.

A witness said Abajado attempted to hit Okony in the face, but did not see Okony hit Abajado with the lamp, according to court documents. Police spoke to Abajado’s boyfriend, who said he was at the house waiting for her to take a shower when Okony allegedly started insulting him. He stepped out of the house to avoid a confrontation, then alleged that he saw Okony hit Abajado in the back of the head with the lamp. He then said they began to fight and Okony called the police.

Another witness told police Okony tried to hit Abajado with the lamp and chased her outside with it, according to court documents. She said the two began to pull each other’s hair until they were separated and Okony allegedly smashed the lamp against Abajado’s vehicle. Police collected the broken lamp as evidence.

A pre-trial has been scheduled for Okony Gilo on Nov. 7.

Abajado Gilo will appear in court again on July 2.