Austin has a lot to offer; The thoughts of a better community have always been at the heart of our city

Published 7:32 am Saturday, June 30, 2018

Have you heard?

Austin and Mower County have made the list of the Top 10 Nicest Places in America, 2018, sponsored by Reader’s Digest, Good Morning America, and In a time when ‘nice’ stories are often overshadowed by negative criminal or political escapades or those of societal insignificance, our Mower County has been nominated and chosen to represent the image of NICE.

I believe it’s the people that make a community nice, so if you agree please go online and cast your vote for our people, our county. You can vote daily until July 7 at

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In 1906 another person felt Austin had a lot to offer. The following editorial was printed on Aug. 1, 1906 in the Austin Daily Herald and described Austin of that time period.

“The city of Austin is 1190 feet above sea level; the fourteenth largest city in the state; the City of Homes and Business Combined; the metropolis of Mower County; the center of one of the richest agricultural districts in the northwest. 

Every acre is tillable and almost every acre is under cultivation. Taking a radius of twenty miles it is the center of a population of forty thousand.

Austin has paved streets, thirty miles of concrete walk, three banking institutions, a million dollar pork packing plant, eleven churches, six school building. Austin is not a ‘one idea’ city, but a place of diversified industry, embracing factories, mills, cement works, etc. It is almost entirely surrounded by water where fishing and boating is excellent. The pearls of the Cedar are of rare quality and frequently found. Austin is a good railway center, has pure water in plenty, unsurpassed hotels, adequate fire protection, good government, public library, wholesale and retail business far above that usually found in cities of its size. Everything that a well-regulated city of 10,000 is expected to have, Austin has.

If you are looking for a home or business, Austin has much to offer. Don’t pass it by.”

Many attributes could be added to the list of amenities found in Austin and the surrounding area today. We have miles of bike trails, a thriving arts culture, historical treasures, and people committed to helping others. We were nice over 100 years ago, and we are still nice today.

Don’t forget to vote so the nation knows what ‘Nice’, and specifically ‘Minnesota Nice’ looks like.

What’s Happening at the HHH

Peace Garden Concert: Todd Menton

6:30 p.m., Tuesday, July 10

Todd Menton, edgy Celtic/eclectic folk and original music. Joined by John Wright of Galactic Cowboy Orchestra on guitar, Todd will entertain and educate about the history and origins of the songs and instruments he is playing including the Bodhron (an Irish drum). Free.

Jack & Kitty Day

Tuesday, July 17

10:30 p.m. — Instrument making for pre- and elementary aged kids, $3/$5; 2:30 p.m., Sounds So Sweet! The History of American Jug Band Music of the 30s, $3/$5; 6:30 p.m., Peace Garden Concert for all ages to enjoy, free.