Senate GOP proposes $825M for public construction

Published 8:02 am Thursday, May 10, 2018

ST. PAUL  — Minnesota Senate Republicans are proposing to spend $825 million on public works projects with a heavy focus on infrastructure like roads and building repairs.

The broad details of the bill released Wednesday fall largely in line with the House Republicans’ own $825 million bonding bill. But both are roughly half the size of Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton’s $1.5 billion proposal.

It sets up a heated debate over borrowing between the governor and the Republican Legislature. Those bills are generally worked out in the final days of the legislative session. Lawmakers must adjourn May 21.

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Dayton has argued the time is ripe to borrow more for needed repairs and projects across the state. But Republicans say a $1 billion bill passed last year means the state has already borrowed plenty.