Letter: No Younkers! No Herberger’s!

Published 8:19 am Wednesday, May 2, 2018

To the Editor

All the wonderful years of fun shopping,

No Younkers! No Herberger’s! All stopping!

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Along with all the wonderful employees,

Who would do all they could and more to please.

With all the wonderful choices for a gift.

To give birthdays and weddings a joyful lift.

One could always find the best sales in our town,

As Austin Younkers never let anyone down.

Along with Herberger’s, just down the road

With both stores not far from my abode.

So very sad, for many, to think they will be no more.

Many employees and shoppers, I know, will miss the store.

To try on, and see and touch what I choose to buy,

No longer with them, can it be, it makes me sigh!

However, grateful for the shopping years shared,

Just wish the two very grand stores could be spared.

When we lose a business in town,

Gotta say, it brings many of us down.

Reta Bakke Draayer

Albert Lea