GMLOKS sweeps home track and field meet

Published 7:00 pm Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Grand Meadow-LeRoy-Ostrander-Kingsland-Southland boys and girls track and field teams took first place at a five-team invite in Grand Meadow Thursday.

Drew Lewison of GMLOKS took first in the 200-meter dash, the 110-meter hurdles and the 300-meter hurdles and Hailey Hindt of GMLOKS won the 100-meter hurdles and the 300-meter hurdles.


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Team standings: 1. GMLOKS 141; 2. BP 75; 3. RAC 69; 4. LP 39; 5. SA 24

110-meter hurdles: Drew Lewison (GMLOKS) (first, 16.68); Blake Ludemann (GMLOKS) (second, 19.54); Trent Hungerholt (GMLOKS) (third, 20.28)

100-meter dash: Luke Speer (GMLOKS) (first, 12.33); James Howard (GMLOKS) (third, 12.56)

4 x 200-meter relay: Matthew Pryor, Zach Weber, Mitchell Fiebiger, Brian Jimenez (BP) (first, 1:41.55)

1600-meter run: Matt Scaglione (GMLOKS) (second, 5:23.77); Brendan Kennedy (GMLOKS) (third, 5:25.84)

4 x 100-meter relay: Matthew Pryor, Zach Weber, Brian Jimenez, Michell Fiebiger (first, 48.42)

400-meter dash: Jacob Kerrins (GMLOKS) (first, 57.24); Christian Hjelman (GMLOKS) (second, 58.10)

300-meter hurdles: Drew Lewison (GMLOKS) (first, 39.50)

800-meter run: Jesse Schewe (BP) (first, 2:24.11); Isaac Arnold (BP) (second, 2:31.10); Thomas Shaw (GMLOKS) (third, 2:34.78)

200-meter dash: Drew Lewison (GMLOKS) (first, 24.06); Trever Kelly (GMLOKS) (third, 25.43)

3200-meter run: Alec Ille (BP) (first, 10:28.24)

High jump: Isaac Ille (BP) (first, 5-4); Riley Olson (GMLOKS) (third, 5-2)

Long jump: Joseph Maas (LP) (first, 18-6); Zach Weber (BP) (second, 18-3); Jordan Beck (GMLOKS) (third, 18-2)

Triple jump: Joseph Maas (LP) (first, 36-9); John Hegge (GMLOKS) (second, 34-10); Thomas Shaw (GMLOKS) (third, 33-1)

Discus: Hunter Lee (GMLOKS) (third, 97-0)

Shot put: Patrick Murphy (LP) (first, 40-1.5); Ian Meisner (GMLOKS) (second, 36-11.25); Mason Holtorf (LP) (third, 35-3.75)


Team standings: 1. GMLOKS 160; 2. RAC 85; 3. LP 51; 4. BP 50; 5. SA 16

100-meter hurdles: Hailey Hindt (GMLOKS) (first, 17.04); Madison Hindt (GMLOKS) (second, 18.02); Asia Thostenson (BP) (third, 19.09)

100-meter dash: Emily Hovden (GMLOKS) (first, 13.41); Anika Reiland (GMLOKS) (second, 13.48)

4 x 200-meter relay: Laurne Buchholtz, Emily Hovden, Riley Queensland, Jordyn Glynn (GMLOKS) (first, 1:49.77)

1600-meter run: Rory Bickler (LP) (first, 5:57.55); Aubrie Schneider (GMLOKS) (second, 6:00.40)

4 x 100-meter relay: Anika Reiland, Kassidy Kirtz, Emily Hovden, Isabelle Olson (GMLOKS) (first, 52.34)

400-meter dash: Sam Wurst (BP) (first, 1:00.504); Ellie Buchholtz (GMLOKS) (third, 1:06.74)

300-meter hurdles: Hailey Hindt (GMLOKS) (first, 51.57); Madison Hindt (GMLOKS) (second, 52.35)

800-meter run: Sydnie Bissen (GMLOKS) (second, 2:54.36)

200-meter dash: Riley Queensland (GMLOKS) (third, 27.94)

3200-meter run: Kayla Christopherson (LP) (first, 11:53.40)

High jump: Riley Queensland (GMLOKS) (first, 5-2); Sam Wurst (BP) (second, 4-10)

Pole vault: Gemini Johnson (BP) (first, 7-6)

Long jump: Lauren Buchholtz (GMLOKS) (first, 16-0.50); Jordyn Glynn (GMLOKS) (second, 15-6); Gemini Johnson (BP) (third, 15-5)

Triple jump: Olivia Christianson (LP) (first, 33-3); Jordyn Glynn (GMLOKS) (second, 33-0); Jocelyn Sathre (GMLOKS) (third, 27-10)

Discus: Kristi Fett (LP) (first, 98-3)

Shot put: Kristi Fett (LP) (first, 37-6.50); Greta Warmka (GMLOKS) (second, 28-0.25)