Minnesota law enforcement, truckers fight human trafficking

Published 7:40 am Thursday, April 19, 2018

ST. PAUL — People in the trucking and busing industries are meeting in St. Paul to learn how to spot and respond to suspected human trafficking.

Minnesota Public Radio reports that the training sessions began Tuesday and involve about 100 law enforcement officials.

Esther Goetsch is a coalition build specialist with Truckers Against Trafficking. She says truckers are in a good position to observe victims while they work.

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Goetsch says truckers will train to identify if a possible trafficking victim is under the control of another person or being coerced. Attendees will also hear about human trafficking from police officers, prosecutors and trafficking survivors.

Law enforcement officials will learn how to respond to trafficking reports and how to interact with victims.

Minnesota received more than 170 reports of human trafficking last year.