Minnesota Gov. Dayton criticizes his predecessor Pawlenty

Published 7:48 am Friday, April 13, 2018

ST. PAUL— Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is criticizing his predecessor, Republican Tim Pawlenty, who has announced plans to seek his old office.

Dayton told the Star Tribune on Wednesday he doesn’t know what Pawlenty is going to run on because, as Dayton put it, “his record as governor was so abysmal.”

Dayton charges that Pawlenty left Minnesota in “disastrous financial shape.” The Democratic governor is not running again this year after serving two terms.

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Pawlenty campaign spokesman Sam Winter counters that the former GOP governor “has the experience and strength to bring people together and get important things done for the future of Minnesota.”

Dayton previously has stayed out of the race to succeed him, declining to endorse a Democratic successor or say much about the candidates.