Law enforcement warning about bank computer scam

Published 7:56 am Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Law enforcement is warning about a computer scam after Mower County citizens had $4,500 stolen from their bank account.

According to Mower County Senior Sergeant Investigator Steve Sandvik, the incident was reported on Thursday. The victims said they received a call from somebody claiming to work for a bank technical support company. The scammer claimed their computer had been hacked, but they could fix it if they allowed him to gain remote access, which they allowed. At that point, the scammer transferred money into their bank account and showed them the new balance, claiming that the “hacker” had done so. He then said they had to pay back the money via Walmart gift cards because a check would not work.

The victims bought the gift cards and attempted to call the scammer back, according to Sandvik. The scammer called the next day and the victims gave him the card numbers. After checking their account, the victims noticed the transferred money and the money they had used to pay for the gift cards was gone. In total, they had spent about $4,500 on gift cards.

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Should anyone receive a similar call, Sandvik said to hang up and call your bank. Sandvik also said that Walmart gift cards are not a means for returning money and that you should never allow anyone to have remote access of your computer.

It is unlikely the victims will get their money back, according to Sandvik.