Felon pleads not guilty to weapons charge

Published 7:40 am Friday, March 2, 2018

Elgin Tyrese Green, 24, of Austin pleaded not guilty to felony violent felon in possession of a firearm on Thursday in Mower County District Court. He was initially charged on Feb. 16.

Elgin Tyrese Green, 24

According to the court complaint, Austin police officers assisted members of the Department of Correction Fugitive Apprehension Unit in arresting Green, who was a suspect in a Jan. 7 shooting, on Feb. 15 in the 900 block of Second Avenue Southwest. When they arrived, there was a group of people at the location acting in a belligerent manner and blocking the officers’ entry into the house.

One member of the group asked an officer if he could go inside the house to retrieve coats for some children outside, according to the complaint. He was told no and that an officer would retrieve the coats. An officer went into the house and found a “North Face” coat on the living room couch. When he picked it up, he felt that it was heavy. He allegedly found a .22 caliber Ruger semi-automatic pistol in one of the pockets. The pistol was loaded with “Super X’ brand ammunition, which allegedly matched that of the Jan. 7 shooting.

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The officer informed a DOC agent, who allegedly said he saw Green wearing the “North Face” jacket.

Green was located in the closet of a second floor bedroom, according to the complaint. He was arrested and taken to the Mower County Jail. Two other men from the group were also arrested, but later released.

Green denied wearing the coat, but said he had worn it before when an officer asked if his DNA would be found on the coat, according to the report. He denied knowledge of the pistol and said his DNA would not be on it.

A review of Green’s criminal history shows prior convictions for disorderly conduct, receiving stolen property, introducing contraband to jail/prison and aggravated robbery. He also has arrest warrants in Olmsted County for charges of theft and check forgery.

Green’s pre-trial is scheduled for March 23.