Austin Area Foundation announces changes to the board

Published 8:18 am Friday, March 9, 2018

During its annual meeting, the Austin Area Foundation made changes to its board and held a few votes as it moves into its 15th year of giving back to the community.

The AAF moved to do the following:

•The Legacy Fund will distribute $23,000 and Basic Needs Fund will distribute $3,000 available in 2018. Overall, this is an increase of $1,000 compared to 2017.

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•To decrease board membership from 19 to 18.

•Accepted the resignation of board member Amy Baskin and thanked her for her years of service.

•Voted to add Jennifer Lawhead, director of Austin Aspires (education advocacy), as a new board member.

•The board also voted to renew board memberships for Peggy Benzkofer, Fred Bogott, Mark Coffey, Gail Dennison, Nitaya Jandragholica, and voted in Darrell Ingvaldson to remain as chairman along with Mike Ruzek as vice chairman,  Ron Walth as treasurer and Gail Dennison as secretary.

“We continue to educate the public and look for ways to have a positive impact on this community of ours,” said executive director Jeff Baldus in a press release.

Baldus said the AAF is becoming broadly known as people are learning how they can positively impact the future through the Austin Area Foundation’s Legacy Fund, Basic Needs Fund and its newest fund, the Greatest Need Fund.

“While the challenge is always there to grow, look at what our community through donations has done,” Baldus said. “We continue to achieve the goal of improving life for people in our community.”